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10 new private hospitals planned in Algarve

1st January 2009: Algarve Property News

More than ten new private hospitals are in the pipeline to be built in the Algarve, where beds in that sector are expected to triple over the next five years, and are mainly aimed at tourists holidaying in the region.

The region’s main private health groups believe that the Algarve has serious reasons to better cater for an ‘expanding sector’, for which there is demand, and new projects have been confirmed in Albufeira, Faro and Portimao.

The first new private hospital will open mid-2009, in Faro and is part of the Grupo Hospital Particular do Algarve. It will take shape next to the Gambelas University Campus, offer 100 beds and various private rooms and suites.

The Group was the first to invest in that sector, having established its first unit in Alvor 13 years ago and has continued a marked expansion since.

A spokesperson for the Group told the Lusa News Agency “the Algarve has all the necessary conditions to become a point of reference concerning healthcare”. No expense is being spared on the new Faro Private Hospital, which will reportedly measure 12,000 square metres and consist of an ER department, intensive care unit and state-of-the-art diagnosis equipment.

Jose Miguel Boquinhas, administrator of the Grupo HPP Saúde, which will also build a new hospital in Faro sometime within the next three years, said “there is an important group of new clients in the Algarve that could fulfil this strategy for growth”.

With private units already in Lagos and Faro, the HPP Group predicts a turnover of nearly €15 million over the next five years.

“The number of tourists spending long periods of time in the Algarve, namely from Northern Europe, as well as those who just spend a few days in the region, are all potential clients”, he said.

Established one year ago, the Lenitudes Group, which is presided over by Murteira Nabo and specialises in real estate development, has launched a project for Portimao that entails a network of assisted apartments, described as “urbanisations where permanent healthcare is guaranteed”, said Luís Carito, who is second in command at Portimao City Hall and one of the Group’s administrators.

The project will also entail a private hospital and will start to take shape next year. There has also been interest shown by a South-Korean Group who has stressed intentions to purchase a plot of land next to where the future Central Algarve Hospital will stand, in 2013, to build a ‘Health Hotel’.

In Albufeira, the Trofa Health Group have already started the construction of a new private hospital with around 50 beds, whilst another rumoured to be twice the size is in the planning for Ferreiras.

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