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Darren Clarke To Launch Algarve Hotel Investment

6th September 2010: Algarve Property News Portugal

Darren Clarke is One of the world’s most well known golfers and has won many fans with his passionate play and dedicated approach to the game. A stalwart of The European Tour since 1991, the Ulsterman is no stranger to firsts. In the 1999 Smurfit European Open he became the first player on The European Tour to shoot 60 for a second time, having achieved it first in the 1992 European Monte Carlo Open. In 2002 he became the first player to win the English Open three times and in 2003 became the first player outside Tiger Woods to capture more than one World Golf Championship title.

You can now share in his success with the Darren Clarke 5 star golf resort and Spa – an outstanding investment opportunity in the central Algarve, Portugal. It offers the chance to share in the commercial success of Vila Sol, one the most popular and established golf resorts in Europe, including a 5 star hotel and spa and a magnificent 27 hole golf course.

Joining Darren clarke and the team you will recieve between 150% - 200% return over 5 to 10 years (15% - 22.5% per annum) in addition to the benefits of free personal useage, including golf and the spa as well as all the hotel facilities.

INVESTMENTS AVAILABLE: * Gold: 20k GBP - limited * Platinum: 40k GBP * Diamond: 80k GBP

Invest £20k sterling and become a Darren Clarke “Gold” corporate partner for 5 years. Includes 1 week personal usage and you’ll also reveive one week’s free usage of the resort, golf and all hotel facilities including the 5 star spa and fabulous children’s club. The average stay in this beautiful 5 star hotel along with your partner privileges amounts to around £2,500 per week, so free with your investment is over £12,500 worth of amazing holiday time for you and the family. After your 5 year investment period the company will buy back your corporate partnership for £35k sterling, supplying you with A 150% RETURN on your initial investment! That’s 15% per year on your £20k - does your current bank offer anything near 15%?

Your personal usage is also transferrable (you can let out personal weeks) for even more return on your investment. Or the company will buy that back from you too for £1,000 per week and add this extra £5k to the total return.

For investors with £40k to invest, you can take advantage of the Darren Clarke “Platinum” investment opportunity. This is a 10 year investment opportunity with 2 weeks free usage per annum - over £50K worth of free corporate partnership usage in total. The buy back clause is £110k for your initial £40k investment - that’s 175% returns and comes with more inclusive features such as airport transfers. Again the personal usage is transferrable.

Finally we are proud to present the Darren Clarke “Diamond” investment product. For investors with a budget of £80k you can buy a ten year corporate partnership that the company will buy back for £240k - that’s 200% returns! The Diamond investment comes with an abundance of facilities including a round of golf with Darren Clarke per annum, an opportunity to join Darren for his annual golf charity day, golf clinics with Darren and his team as well as 4 weeks personal usage per annum - a total of nearly £100k of free personal usage. Again, personal usage is transferrable. This investment opportunity is truely not to be missed.

· Price £20,000 / €24,000 · 5 star Golf & Spa resort · By Darren Clarke · At Vila Sol, Vilamoura · Investments from 20,000 GBP · Gold, Platinum & Diamond partnerships · From 150% - 200% return up to 10 years · 15% - 22.5% per annum · Up to 4 weeks personal usage

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