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Enjoy Walks From Your Costa de la Luz & Algarve Property

There are countless walks to be had in the region.

Just head for the hills or follow a river such as the Guadiana. It is possible to travel for miles without seeing a soul. Alternatively contact one of the many companies that organise structured trips. One we like is

The best time for a walking trip is from autumn through to spring as the summer climate away from the coast is excessively hot. Some rainfall may be experienced but it is rare for it to be prolonged. Nights can be cool and sometimes on the chilly side with morning mists during the winter.

Throughout the spring there is an abundance of beautifully coloured wild flowers beginning with the almond blossom in January the passing of the seasons can be simply perceived by the smells. Famous for it's many orange and lemon groves, strawberry fields and eucalyptus and pine forests, one is continually being enticed by aromatic fragrances and visual delights.

The many birds that inhabit this region include golden oriels, kingfishers, ospreys, rare buzzards, bee eaters and flamingos. Storks return each year to breed in their established nests, perched high on church towers and treetops. Wild boar, deer, mongoose and freshwater otters are just some of the animals that still reside in peace along the banks of the Guadiana River.

If you are planning a walk over several days then you can choose either to stay at hotels en route or to camp. Camping is a popular form of holiday accommodation in Andalucía. It provides an opportunity to experience the natural environment at first hand and is an economic form of accommodation.

There are over one hundred registered camping grounds of all categories dotted around Andalucía, so there are plenty to choose from. 'Refugios' or mountain shelters and free camping areas are often found in the natural parks. Camping on the beaches is discouraged although widely practiced, especially in the summer. Many local by laws expressly forbid camping on the beaches.

Recommended Equipment

  • Long trousers are recommended.
  • Comfortable footwear suitable for walking.
  • A set of lightweight waterproofs (optional depending on the weather).
  • A hat and sunblock.
  • A fleece or sweater.
  • A lightweight shirt.
  • A water bottle of at least 1 litre.
  • A day sack to carry the above.